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First of all, there are many good companies supplying nutrients for your health. On the other hand, there are also some really bad companies and unfortunately it is hard to know who they are. Taking it a step further, there are a few really great nutritional companies that are on the cutting edge of product development. Biotics Research is one of those few great companies. Here are eight reasons why…

Reason #1 Heavy Metal Testing of Raw Materials

When bulk nutrients are shipped to Biotics, they are quarantined until they can be tested. After culturing bacteria levels for pathogens, minerals levels of the raw materials are analyzed for toxic heavy metals. At this point you are obviously thinking all supplement manufacturers do this, what’s the big deal?

Many nutritional companies don’t even make their own products let alone test the raw materials. Biotics tests everything that comes in the door. Here is a great example.

Mercury Contamination Exposed

Health practitioners in India use Mercury in many liver detoxifying formulas. Western Science has shown that mercury is a toxic metal causing serious health problems. When working with a supplier from India, thousands of dollars of raw material had to be rejected because the supplier inadvertently shipped Biotics the Indian version of the formula, which contained mercury.

The standard nutritional company would have not caught this mistake because they rely on assays provided by the supplier.

Lead-Tainted Protein Powder

A second example of this happened just recently. Biotics was researching sources of protein powders to use in one of their products. Upon investigation of various protein powders a sample of rice protein was procured from China. The specification sheets from the supplier showed a healthy protein profile free of contaminants. The taste was superior to that available in the US. Upon Quality Control inspection it was determined that the product was loaded with lead. Imagine taking a protein powder to increase health and endurance and you are ingesting unhealthy levels of lead. The importer was not trying to sell an inferior product. He didn’t know the difference. The sad thing is some other company will buy that product and in good faith put it into a protein formula or drink and it may have deleterious effects on a person’s health.

Reason #2 Species Testing of Raw Materials

While still under quarantine, Biotics uses High Pressure Liquid Chromatography to assure that the plant or nutrient is the plant or nutrient that it is purported to be. Many ground up botanical agents look the same. Biotics can identify which species of plant has been shipped to them. Echinacea has several species that are reported to enhance immune activity; some types are more active than others.

How does one know which species has been shipped? Also important is which part of the plant is used. You can have the correct species and yet have powdered leaves of the plant when the root is the part which has had all the exciting research performed on it.

These are all qualities of good manufacturing process. Several good companies perform these tests on their raw materials and assure the nutrients are safe. But Biotics is a great company, and they go many steps further.

Reason #3 Raw Materials Tested for “Activity”

Samples are then taken to Biotics’ Photochemistry lab and tests are performed to assure that the activity of the product tested is present. For example one of the botanical agents that has had a good deal of interest is Gingko Biloba as a memory enhancer. One of the active properties Gingko Biloba contains is that of an antioxidant. The photochemistry team at Biotics performs tests to assure that the Gingko Biloba meets certain standards as both water and a fat-soluble antioxidant. Gingko grown in poor soil conditions or harvested at the wrong time may not have the activity that was shown to get results in clinical studies. Also, different parts of the plant can have different activity levels.

Additional proprietary tests are performed on each ingredient that is used in any of the products they produce. Each single ingredient may undergo anywhere from 4-7 different tests to assure its biological activity is present. These are all tests that are performed before the raw materials are even taken out of quarantine.

Reason #4 Biotics Bio-Prints Raw Materials

We all know that a fingerprint is an absolute method of differentiating one person from another. A voiceprint is similar in that it can absolutely differentiate one voice from another even though they may sound exactly alike. Biotics’ phytochemistry lab draws from over 700 different lab tests to create Bio-Prints for raw materials that go into their products.

These Bio-Prints specifically identify the plant, the part of the plant, the level of activity, and often, even the part of the world the plant comes from. This is a level of quality control that goes beyond any other manufacturer in the industry. If the raw materials coming in the door don’t match the Bio-Print Biotics has created, it is rejected and sent back to the supplier.

Raw Material Boswellia Rejected

Even with reputable suppliers some batches of raw materials must be returned. Consider the following example. The research team at Biotics was looking for a particular botanical agent called Boswellia that is readily available from many suppliers. They contacted 3 or 4 of their favorite raw material suppliers for samples of the compound to use in formulation.

Unfortunately the biological activity was not present from favorite suppliers that normally provide many other high quality products which do meet their stringent specifications. As a result they had to delay the production of the new product until they could locate a supplier which could meet their specifications on a consistent basis.

The raw materials Biotics rejected came with their own pedigrees of quality assurance from the supplier and were assayed as standardized extracts, but did not meet the Bio-print that is established by Biotics’ photochemistry labs. These inferior raw materials were rejected.

What Happens To Raw Materials That Biotics Rejects?

What happens to that batch of raw materials that Biotics rejects? Simple, the supplier repackages the raw material and it is sold to other manufacturing centers that do not perform the rigorous tests that Biotics Research performs on its products.

Understand that these ingredients will not cause harm to the purchaser. They may be botanicals that are picked out of season or in nutrient depleted soil. They just may not yield the results that you as the doctor or patient are paying for. This may be why a person might say “I tried supplements and they didn’t work for me”.

Reason #5 Biotics Emulsifies its Oils

Emulsified Oils Can Increase Uptake By 300%

Fat-soluble nutrients are emulsified by mother nature to assure they can be absorbed. The oils in mother’s milk for example are emulsified (broken down into tiny little particles) so the body can use them. Nature also emulsifies the oils in seeds and nuts.

When oils are processed by the food industry (olive oil, corn oils etc.) they are not emulsified. Before these oils can be used by the body, our liver and gallbladder have to emulsify these large fat molecules into tiny particles or they won’t be absorbed. Knowing many people have digestion problems, the research team at Biotics microemulsifies all fat soluble nutrients to assure maximum absorption.

Up To 300% Better Absorption

This can dramatically increase absorption of the nutrient. One study showed that 30 mg of an emulsified, oil soluble nutrient Co-enzyme Q10, could raise blood levels as much as 90 mg of a comparable dry form. So in the case of CoQ10, the use of emulsification increased the absorption of the product by 300%. Wouldn’t you rather be using an emulsified vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin K, and CoEnzyme Q10?

Phoney CoQ10 on The Shelf

An interesting side note. One company was trying to radically reduce the cost of CoQ 10 on the market place. The researchers at Biotics purchased a bottle from a local health food store. Upon investigation it had the color of CoQ 10, it had the appearance of CoQ 10, but upon assay it was found there 0 mg of CoQ 10 in each tablet. Was the manufacturer trying to take advantage of a growing market? Did they buy material from an unethical supplier? No one will never know. But you can be sure of the CoQ 10 from Biotics.

Reason #6 Biotics’ Ingenious Tableting Base

Most companies use compressible sugars, starch, or other inert minerals like tricalcium phosphate to help the nutrients flow during production and eventually stick together once pressed. Biotics uses phytochemically rich plants as a tableting base.

This ingenious tableting base is comprised of natural peas, lentils and broad beans and is loaded with enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Gram for gram, the Biotics tableting base has some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any known substance…. and that’s just the tableting base. This is a completely revolutionary concept….that Biotics has been doing for over 20 years.

Let me give you an example of the antioxidant activity in the tableting base. Pycnogenol is a very strong plant based antioxidant from France that is very expensive to purchase. If you were to take 2 products from Biotics and use two tablets 3 times per day; the antioxidants in just the tableting base alone would yield the equivalent of 90 mg of the antioxidant pycnogenol.

This “free” antioxidant activity comes with whatever Biotics product you are purchasing provided it has the vegetable tableting base. The antioxidant activity is not only good for you but will also extend the shelf life of the product.

Another huge benefit of the tableting base is that once these tablets hit a wet warm environment like your stomach they begin to swell and naturally dissolve. In fact you can take any tablet Biotics makes and place it in hot water from the tap, gently stir the mixture (making sure you do not touch the tablet) and the product will go into a liquid form in 20 minutes or less. This is a tremendous advantage over other tablets on the market.

Reason #7 Phytochemically Bound Trace Minerals

Another huge reason to choose Biotics is their phytochemically bound trace minerals. No other company is doing anything like this. Biotics grows plants in hydroponic beds. Liquid minerals are added to the hydroponic gardens and the plants naturally absorb them.

The plants take in these “introduced” minerals and bind them in a purely natural organic matrix…food. The plants are then dried at low temperatures tableted. No other trace mineral product could be more naturally recognized by the body. This is yet another revolutionary technique that Biotics has been using for over 20 years.

Trace minerals like lithium, rubidium and molybdenum are now coming into their own and are being actively researched for their health/healing properties. Biotics uses these phytochemically bound trace minerals in individual trace mineral products and in their multiple vitamin mineral formulas.

Reason #8 Neonatal Glandulars

Biotics’ glandular products supply neonatal glands from animals one to three days old. Glands at this developmental stage are highly anabolic, which means that they have all the genetic material to reproduce healthy tissue. This is extremely significant.

Toxic Load of Older Animals

Another critical consideration is the toxic load of older animals. Consider the difference between a young animal (just days old) primed for growth and a 4 or 5 year old animal that has been exposed to all the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides that are present in the average farm. It makes sense that a gland only days old would be less toxic than one several years old.

Neonatal organs have suffered much less wear and tear than older organs. For example, a young kidney may have filtered 10 or 20 gallons of urine in its lifetime whereas an animal 5 years old may have processed hundreds of thousands of gallons of urine. Which gland would you rather ingest? Which car do you think would run better, a brand new car with only 12 miles on it, or a used car with 82,000?

Live Cell Therapy

In Europe, Live Cell Therapy is a huge part of the anti-aging field of medicine. They take young cells and inject them into their patients and have remarkable results. Recently a journal reported a study where they were injecting neonatal pancreas cells into the stomachs of hamsters which were bred to have diabetes.

Interestingly, after the injection of pancreatic cells, the hamsters began to make their own insulin and regulate their own blood sugar. Glandular research is exciting and Biotics has been at the forefront of providing the highest quality, neonatal glandular products for over 20 years.


There are many good companies supplying nutrients for your health. There are also some really bad companies and unfortunately it is hard to decide which is which. But there are a few really great companies that are forcing change in the nutritional industry. One of these great companies is Biotics Research Corporation in Rosenberg Texas. When choosing a supplement for your health, choose life, choose Biotics.

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