Peter Hong, MT

Peter Hong, MT

Peter Hong joined the ChiroMend team in Feb 2021. He graduated in 2018 from The European massage school and is trained in deep tissue, Sports massage, Swedish massage, electrical stimulation therapy, trigger point therapy and stretching. He has several years of experience and very much enjoys helping people who are suffering with pain and working with his hands day to day.

After dealing with years of lower back pain, Peter was finally diagnosed more recently with scoliosis. He sought out Chiropractic care which helped significantly reduce his pain. Once his long battle with lower back pain had ended, that experience piqued his interest in more clinical body work. Since then, he has spent years learning how he can help others like him who suffer anywhere from mild to even extreme cases of pain through integration of massage and Chiropractic care.

Peter’s personal philosophy with any work he does is to provide the best service he can provide, to the best of his abilities, no matter what. Peter’s passion for body work is expanding and continuously evolving. He believes movement of the human body should be pain-free and he holds that concept close as his mission statement while working with patients and something that he lives by himself.

Peter in his spare time is an avid gym goer and likes to keep fit. He also enjoys cycling, going on outdoor explorations, and video gaming for fun.

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