Sarah Gonzalez, MT

In November of 2017, ChiroMend welcomed Sarah Gonzalez to the team. As a graduate of the Clinical Massage Therapy program at Everest College in 2011, Sarah is highly skilled in deep tissue massage, Electrical Stimulation Therapy, trigger point therapy, bamboo fusion massage, and PNF stretching.

Sarah chose to follow in her sister Ashley’s footsteps as a massage therapist after injuring her low back on a fishing trip. Her sister’s excellent massage skills played a huge part in her recovery, and led her to become a patient here at ChiroMend.

Sarah was able to recover from her 10 year battle with low back pain by following the unique treatment plan at our clinic. In her 7 years as a massage therapist she has really enjoyed being able to help heal hundreds of people from their aches and pains. When away from the office, Sarah enjoys going to metal concerts, cooking, and playing video games with her husband.

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