About Us

At ChiroMend, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to your health. The focus is on identifying the root cause of the problem, not simply masking or treating the symptoms. We’re also a strong advocate for preventative medicine and lifestyle, making every effort to eliminate potential issues before they arise.

Our expertise lies in physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, soft tissue therapies, clinical nutrition, foot orthotics, low force chiropractic manipulation of joints and soft tissues, and the management of pain/inflammation.

ChiroMend achieves success where others fail because we take the time to fully understand you, as an individual, and address all the factors that contribute to your health and wellbeing. We’re not a health factory churning out cookie cutter solutions that may or may not be the right fit for you. And you can rest assured we’re up-to-date on current medical research, which can strongly affect your treatment.

The ChiroMend team ensures patients are well educated about their health issues and concerns and fully understand what treatment options and methods are available and recommended. Staying abreast of the latest cutting-edge medical research and techniques will also greatly impact your expectations and results.

We’re ChiroMend, your natural health partner, and in the end, it isn’t about us, it’s about you!