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At ChiroMend, we’re all about bringing our patients the best products and services available. If you have questions on anything we offer, please do not hesitate to call and allow us to help. Thanks for taking a look!

Doctor Consultation
Want to sit down with one of our doctors and talk about your health concerns and goals? Would you like a personal office tour? How about a review of your insurance benefits? Here is the opportunity to make that happen - for you or someone you care about. And the price is right!
Getting Started Package
If you are ready to take the first step toward a new, healthy you, this is a great offer. It includes a detailed review of your health history, a thorough physical exam, discussion of various treatment options, and solid plan to get you better. There is no better way to start your journey.
30 Minute ChiroMend Muscle Tune Up
Our clinical massage therapists work though soft tissues, guided by the direction of a physician. We target specific areas of soft tissue damage and remove trigger points using specialized techniques in a relaxed setting. This increases blood flow, reduces pain and mental stress, and alleviates muscle tension. Relaxing and therapeutic. Also makes for an amazing gift for someone special!
Complex ChiroMend Work up
Experienced doctor performs a high-level history and physical exam for patients in chronic pain, complex conditions that have not responded to traditional treatments, and significant injuries that have not healed properly. This is an evaluation for someone that needs extra special attention to details and wants to embark on a journey to find the true root cause of their health concerns.
ChiroMend Nutritional Evaluation
Spend time with one of our Doctors for an eye opening nutritional evaluation and professional interpretation of your lab work. You'll delve into a lifestyle review, diet modification suggestions, and recommendations on what supplements you should or should not be taking to maximize results and benefit. Can be completed in office or over the phone, based on patient preference.
Pillow Fitting
Don't under estimate the value of your pillow. It can mean the difference between a rejuvenating rest or chronic upper back and neck problems. And how do you find the perfect pillow? That's where our sleep ergonomics evaluation comes in. Your personal pillow fitting with the critical eye of the doctor, helping you find the one that is absolutely right for you. Includes a 15 minute pillow fitting and choice of over 10 different Tempurpedic pillows.


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