Dr. Mario Gonzalez

Dr. Mario Gonzalez

Dr. Mario Gonzalez earned his bachelor degree in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois. He went on to work at Abbott labs, and then at the University of Chicago doing research for the plastic surgery department with burn unit victims to improve their quality of life.

While at the University of Chicago, his mother was involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in trauma to her upper back and neck. Her internist referred her to a Chiropractic physician. Dr. Gonzalez attended appointments with his mother and saw the amazing benefits of chiropractic care with her recovery. He was so deeply inspired by that experience that he chose a different career path and wanted to become a physician himself. This led to his enrollment at National University of Health Sciences where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine and his second bachelor degree in Human Biology.

While at National University, Dr. Gonzalez studied and developed a mastery of chiropractic technique, manual therapies, physical therapy, and acupuncture. Since graduation, he has also built his knowledge of biochemistry and clinical nutrition to become an expert functional medicine doctor with over 500 direct hours of study.

Dr. Gonzalez continues his education daily to stay at the forefront of his field and up to date on current research that can positively affect patient outcomes. His passion is fueled by helping people regain and maintain optimal health though an integrative approach that combines healing joints, strengthening muscles, reducing inflammation, and correcting nutritional deficiencies. He is assisted by the team at ChiroMend with state of the art laboratory testing and equipment.

During his spare time Dr. Gonzalez enjoys playing soccer in the Chicagoland area. He loves spending time with his kids and pet husky. He also loves to travel, see live music, and is fluent in Spanish.

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